Nice to Meet You!

After fifteen minutes of contemplating of what I am to write about, one cup of root-beer, and various distractions of my animals walking by (yes, I must pet every one of them as they walk by me) I am determined to put words on the computer screen!

Let’s start off with some ice breakers. 🙂

My name is Aly! I delight in just about anything that has to do with farming. That would include animals, gardening, sewing, cooking/baking, and endlessly reading about all of these things.

I aim to enjoy the little things in life. I love having long heart-to-hearts with people. I love trying new things. (Unless it’s seafood. I’m sorry, ok? No, seafood except for shrimp. Yes, I like clam chowder, being that I’m from New England, but the clams cause me to hesitate and reconsider my bite.)

I would like to apologize in advance for any random mistakes that I make along the way. Whether it be writing errors, or weird things going on in the website. This is all part of learning! 😀

I have a plan, you guys. I do, I really do. However, will I be sticking to that plan? I honestly don’t know. Probably not… but it’ll be fun anyways! Expect me to be experimenting when I write. Nothing here is going to be picture-perfect, but that’s what makes it exciting. I’d love to hear ideas and suggestions from you!

Here are a few things that you CAN expect to see:

~~Lots of talk about modesty! I know… daring of me to do so…

~~Keeping your heart pure while you wait for your Knight in Shining Armor.

~~Homesteading! Gardening, baking, animals, sewing, crafts, etc.

I really just want this to be fun, enjoyable, and useful. I hope you find joy in reading, as I find joy in writing.



Image taken from Stock Snap.


6 thoughts on “Nice to Meet You!

  1. Hi Aly! Great About page! I love the root bear and the “plan.” Very funny, both. Looking forward to keeping up on things! I think I’ll include a link to your blog in my blog’s sidebar. Maybe Schylie’s and Sean’s too…. Could become a nice little network of PCCC blogs. 😀 Who knows, maybe Forrest and Terra will start blogging! 😀


  2. Very first comment! jk. Ellis here wishin’ Aly (full name Alexandra, don’t tell i said that!) 😉 dreams of sitting on her computer for endless hours trying to think of what to write…. Much love Aly!! =D ❤

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