93 Degrees and a Solution!

It’s so hot! Here in Massachusetts, we are experiencing a heat wave. It started today and it’s supposed to continue through the next week. *inward sigh* Thankfully, we get lots of rain and thunder-storms until next Thursday. However today is not rainy… and it’s crazy hot. So, my friends, I have an answer! And, not only do I have an answer, I have a natural answer! Essential oils! I know, I know… essential oils to help beat the heat? Aren’t they supposed to help you with illnesses and wounds? Y’know, like sore throats, burns, headaches, fevers, curing the common cold, and solving world hunger… ok, maybe they’re not that amazing. However, they go as far as helping people battle cancer! And then, of course, they help with just around-the-house work. Window cleaning, fixing floor scuff-marks, bathroom disinfecting, etc. But what can they do for heat? That, indeed, is a silly question. I mean, they can do anything! (Almost). But I’m sure that after I’ve described (briefly) what they can do, you have no doubt of their abilities. By the way, what’s an essential oil anyway?


Essential Oil

  • A natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it was extracted.


So, here are some ways that two essential oils can help you beat this heat!


  • I use peppermint essential oil for just about everything. For aroma, for healing, and just for relaxing. I love putting a few dabs of the oil on my forehead and rubbing it on the back of my neck. It is extremely refreshing on hot summer days! Peppermint oil gives your skin a very cool feeling.
  • You can also mix it into your water. JUST put one or two drops. If you put too much, it will ruin it and be extremely strong. (You should put one or two drops of essential oil in whatever project you’re doing, unless you are instructed otherwise.) Balance the taste of peppermint oil in your water with a teaspoon of honey or agave. You can also use Spearmint essential oil. Or Eucalyptus essential oil in place of both spearmint and peppermint.

Remember, to always use a glass, ceramic, or metal cup when using essential oil in your beverages. Because essential oils are very potent, and if you use plastic the oil will literally eat away at the plastic and destroy the cup.


  • I don’t use lavender often enough. It is similar to peppermint, in that it is used for so many things. You can dampen a cloth and put a couple of drops of lavender on it. Hold it around your neck to cool down.
  • Get a 4 or 8 ounce spray bottle and fill it up with cool water. You can add a few drops of lavender to it and then shake it up well. Spritz it on yourself as much as you want.


Hope you’re able to battle the heat with these tips. (But, y’know, swimming always helps too!) God bless!


Image taken from Stock Snap.


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