Rabbit! Maybe for Dinner…?

Good late-morning, everyone! 🙂

I’m going to be gone all day, into tomorrow afternoon, so I’m going to post quite early today.

I have had a pet rabbit for about 4 years. Just last year I bought three more, however they were not my pets. They were meant for breeding meat rabbits. The buck (male) was a New Zealand, and the two does (females) were Red Californians. I was so excited! I had everything ready, all of the cages, a shed, feed, all that I needed! So what on earth went wrong? Every time I put the rabbits together they would do nothing but fight. It was very hard to care for them, because they wouldn’t let me hold them. They would often bite and scratch me when I put their food in the cage. It was not a pleasant situation for either of us! I eventually decided that these rabbits were not going to have kits (baby bunnies) for me, and I used them as meat rabbits instead.

Take Two

So, it was just my pet bunny, Rosie, and I for a while. I finally bought three more rabbits. The buck was another New Zealand, but this time the does were New Zealand/Flemish. They are all super sweet! I love them so much. 😉 However… they are not doing their job. So, I’m having to make the hard decision of what to do. I’ve had for several months and, as adorable as they are, they may have to leave. If I were to get rid of them, I’d sell them to try to get some of my money back.

It looked very hopeful when I first bought the three I have. They were mating and showing signs of pregnancy. But nothing happened, so I kept trying again, and still nothing happened. So, I’m still waiting it out. We shall see what happens, but if nothing happens by the end of 2016, I think I may sell everything and start learning about something new.

Other than all of the other pets I have (dogs, cat, and lizard) that’s where I am farm animal-wise. Have a blessed day!


Image taken from Stock Snap.


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