The Bolton Fair


Today I went to a fair in Bolton, Massachusetts. It was very enjoyable and I learned a bit about rabbits… But first, let me describe the fair a bit.

It was mainly focused on agriculture, but it also had common carnival rides. It had shows and games, lots of food, and many stands with people selling their goods. There were jams and jellies, fresh honey, pure maple syrup, breads and cakes, home-made knit sweaters, herbal teas and soaps, hand crafted knives and leather crafts, and so much more. A lot of time was spent in the animal tents! There were all kinds of geese, chickens, cows, goats, rabbits, alpaca, and pigs. There was one tent that had animals from the rain-forest. Snakes, lizards, parrots, and interesting types of mammals. There were competitions in arts and crafts, gardening, and animals.

While I was in the rabbit tent (while using all of the strength inside of me to keep from touching every single fluffy coat of fur) I had the opportunity to ask questions about breeding rabbits. Can you say, “God’s providence?!” What a blessing!! However, the answers I got about breeding were a bit out-there. Perhaps ‘odd’ is a better word to use. The woman, who seemed very sure of herself, told me that I should put apple cider vinegar in the doe’s water. Not too odd… In all of my google searches, I had never heard of using apple cider vinegar in the rabbit’s water. But it seemed that she had had good results and it was doe-able (hehehe), so, I put that away in the back of my mind. Then came her second suggestion, and this really made me question her knowledge. She told me to take the buck and doe out for a drive. For a drive. A drive? Did I hear wrong? Nope. A drive. Like, a romantic date kind-of-drive? Am I supposed to bring them to a nice restaurant that serves cooked carrots and cabbage heads after this ‘drive’? She didn’t have the answer, but remained sure of herself.

So, I came away with some ‘maybe, we’ll see about it’ tips. I don’t know about the drive, but I’ll try the apple cider vinegar.

Hope you have a blessed evening and a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow. I will not be posting tomorrow, as it is a day of rest and it is to be given to the Lord. 🙂


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