Modesty: What is it?

Hey! This post is more for the girls reading this, but anyone can read it. 😉 Let’s get started!

“Modesty isn’t about covering

up our bodies because they’re bad,

it isn’t about hiding ourselves…

It’s about revealing our dignity.”

~~Jessica Rey

What is modesty? Is it wearing frumpy formless clothes? Thankfully not…   Is it wearing long sleeves, skirts that reach our ankles, no makeup, no jewelry, and head coverings? That may be what some people do, but it’d be rare to find that in Christian circles. That’s not what I am going to suggest you wear! Modesty isn’t just what you wear… it’s who you are. It’s a mindset; something that you have decided upon to please your Father in Heaven. (Which, I promise, I will talk about more in another post.)

Modesty is one of those subjects that, when you bring it up, people often look away or find a way to change the subject. It’s very controversial and truly a hard topic. There is no where in the Bible that specifically demands only skirts, loose pants, skirts and shorts below the knees, shoulders covered, the list goes on. Everyone has their own standard.

Last Friday, as I was sitting in a dentist chair, one of the dentist’s assistants was chatting with me. She mentioned how hot it was outside, and I was talking about how I cool down with essential oils and swimming. She said that she was taking her little kids swimming later on. Typical chit-chat. Then she said, “I’m sure you’re going to go home and throw on some shorts!” Haha… well…

Why is it so hard to talk about modesty? I’ll tell you. Because we are afraid of man’s opinion. We are afraid that they feel judged. But you know what? They probably do feel judged, they probably think we’re odd, or on a ‘high horse’. Is that bad? If I had said, “Yes, I’ll probably put on some shorts” instead of, “No, I actually don’t wear shorts or pants. I wear skirts for modesty” then I would have missed out on the opportunity to tell her about why I think it is important to dress modestly.

I can’t, and won’t, tell you how to dress, but I’d like to present to you some ‘mirror questions’.

  • Does my clothing draw attention to my body or to my beliefs? Do I look provocative or wholesome?
  • Am I dressing for success in a worldly way or dressing for the respect I deserve as a child of God?
  • Does my clothing accurately reflect my identity as a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of His church?

Someday soon I will continue this, but that’s enough for now! Have a blessed night!


4 thoughts on “Modesty: What is it?

  1. Well said Aly! I love your quote about dignity. I think that our true beauty shines when we dress to honor God and draw attention to our face and personality. You are right, in fact, I think the most beautiful outfits are modest, not frumpy. Write on!!!! 😉


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