My Rabbit Shed

Heyo, everyone! 😀

Today I thought I’d show you around my rabbit shed. And you can meet my bunnies. 😉

So this is the shed and one hutch. That hutch is (as of about an hour ago) Rosie’s cage. I’ve been working out there a bit so it’s been rearranged.

On the top of the double-hutch is my buck. I haven’t given any of them names, but a couple of my friends have. The buck is Peter (Peter Rabbit), the doe (who is in the bottom cage) is Dong-Dong *I don’t know know how to spell that…. Doing-Doing? Doyng-Doyng? Do you see where I’m going with this?*, and the doe in the big hutch is Selena.

That’s dear Selena.

That’s Doyng-Doyng……

Peter Rabbit (but I always end up calling him Sir, because that was my last buck’s name and they’re almost identical.)

And Rosie.


Apple Cider Vinegar that I’m trying out…

And there you go! Have a blessed evening!


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