Modesty: How Do I Stay Modest While I Swim?


This post is very much girly… just saying, you guys! 😉 Enjoy!

Here in Massachusetts, the heat wave is over. It’s starting to change into more Fall-ish weather (yay! let the Pumpkin Spice coffees come to me!!!), but it’s still Summer and I think we may have some swimming days left…  Today I’d like to talk about staying modest while swimming. I have to warn you… I’m a bit on the ‘extreme side’ when it comes to staying modest while swimming. So, this is a mix of what I think is biblical and my opinion. Let’s get started!



I think that if you’re a girl who is trying to please the Lord, then you’ve already opted to throw out the bikinis. But I’m going to quickly mention my thoughts on it anyways. 🙂

By the time June comes around, we start seeing ads like “Get Your Bikini Body in LESS Than 10 Days!” “Start This New Diet to Get Yourself Lookin’ Ready for the Beach!” “Are YOU Beach Body Ready?”  What do all of these add lines have in common? They all center around your body and your appearance to the world. It’s all about showin’ what you got! They tell you, “Don’t be ashamed of your body! Show the world your well-earned beach body!” and “If you got it, flaunt it!” What’s wrong with this picture? Let’s look at it from a Christian’s point of view.

“… likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control…” (1 Tim. 2:9a)

I know I used this verse in an earlier post, but I really think it’s helpful here as well. Girls, would you be comfortable going out to the store in your underclothes? (Just your bra and underwear…) Imagine going over to your neighbor’s house to ask for an egg or two so you can finish making those cookies. Would you go over in your underwear? Does your face grow red and hot just by thinking about it? How is it any different going to a public beach in colored underwear? It’s the same thing, girls! A bikini consists of the same thing as your underclothes, and, I’m sure you can admit, you wouldn’t want to go visiting your friends and family in your underwear! Bikinis are just as, if not more, revealing than your underclothes.


One Piece Suits

Ok, a little better… we’re heading in the right direction! I’ve used one-pieces for most of my life. But girls, I’m sorry, it still can be counted as equivalent to underclothes. There are underclothes out there that are exactly like one-pieces that simply put a bra and underwear together in one ‘suit’. Not to mention the way the material sticks to your body. It leaves nothing to the imagination… It’s (almost, but not quite) the same concept as a bikini.


My Style

I started with the one-piece, then I switched to a bathing suit that had spaghetti straps and a short skirt. A bit better! This was really good and working out… for a while. Then I felt convicted. I still wouldn’t wear this out to the store or to visit my neighbors. I would never wear such a short skirt and spaghetti straps. And I didn’t like the way it stuck to me. So, I started wearing a T-shirt and shorts with a one-piece underneath. Better, better…. but I still wasn’t satisfied. The clothes clung to my body when I was wet! Then I bought these:

They’re both bathing suit material, except for a plain blue shirt I have underneath, just in case my swimming shirt decides to float up…  I got the shirt and shorts at JCPenny. Hey, pretty good, right? Definitely better! But, y’all… I still wasn’t satisfied. (Bear with me, now). It really bothers me when any clothes hug me or cling to me. I still use these, but as little as I can.

Then I found what I just may be sticking with:

A T-shirt, skirt, and leggings. The reason for the leggings is when I jump or dive, and just when I am swimming around. I love using this when I go swimming! I use this purple shirt almost every time, but I have a few different skirts.

I have a couple different pairs of leggings as well. And underneath I just wear regular underclothes. Sometimes I put a tank top underneath my T-shirt too. This really works for me, but it’s just my opinion. I try to hold to the “Would I go the store in this?” idea.

Have fun getting wet and cooling down the rest of this summer!! Have a great evening! God bless!


Featured image taken from Stock Snap.


4 thoughts on “Modesty: How Do I Stay Modest While I Swim?

  1. Aly, this post is awesome !!!! We are very proud of you and love your “extreme side” …. You did a wonderful job with all the pictures, etc. The Lord is truly pleased with you!!!


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