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Hey everyone!

I hope your Sunday was a blessing and was glorifying to God. And I hope that you have a great Monday! Today is the first day back to school for me! (Yay!!) But also a bit sad… I’ll miss Summer, but I’m really excited to get through another year. 😉 So, what other way to welcome a new school year than to do the:

bookish book lover banner


(dun dun duuunnnn)

Sierra at One Sparrow’s Song tagged me for this challenge. Go check her blog out! It’s all about her writing (which is amazing, if I do say so myself).  😉

The Rules Are Simple:

  • Use the banner
  • Answer the questions
  • Use lots of book covers

Let’s get started!

What book are you currently reading?

Mystery of the Maya by R. A. Montgomery from the series Choose Your Own Adventure.

What genre are you reading most this year?

In general (as in, not just this year) I read books that have to do with modesty, staying pure, admirable people of the church, etc. Mostly things that have to with keeping a godly home with some biographies thrown in here and there. 😉

What genre do you want to read more of?

I love historical fiction! Or mysteries. I don’t often find books that fit those descriptions, but keep godly values as well.

How many books have you read this year, and what’s your goal?

Well…. I haven’t been keeping a list. Maybe 15? (Come on you guys, that’s a lot if they’re good-sized books!) I’m not a huge reader….  I really don’t have a goal. I’ll say 30. 🙂

What’s the last book you bought?

Before you Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally

What book are you saving up to buy next?

Kisses from Katie by Katie J. Davis

How many books did you check out last at the library?

I don’t go to the library very often, because they don’t have the kind of books that I read. So… Last time I went I think I got 5 books, and if I remember correctly, they were cook books.

What’s a book you can’t wait to read?

Prairie Dog Town!!! I’m SO excited!! (That is the second book in The Shiloh Trilogy)

What’s a series you recommend to everybody?

I have three series that I think everyone would like. 1) The Crimson Cross Series  2) The Shiloh Trilogy 3) Choose Your Own Adventure.

Who’s an author that you hope writes more?

Stacy McDonald

A few books your heart adores?

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss or Raising Maidens of Virtue by Stacy McDonald.

What series’ coming conclusion makes you sad?

I don’t read series very often… at all. The only series of books (that have the same story throughout, instead of individual stories in each book) I have read is The Shiloh Trilogy.

What books do you have on your wish list?

Will Our Generation Speak? by Grace Mally. Also, Kisses from Katie by Katie J. Davis

There you go! I challenge everyone to answer a couple of these questions in the comment section. (A.K.A I have no one to challenge!) ;D

Have a great day, you guys! Blessings ❤


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