Homeschooling Answer Sheet

Hey!! 😉

So, as I said in an earlier post, I have started school again! But, what I failed to mention, is that I’m home-schooled. I can see the faces…. Home-schooled? Does that mean you, like, don’t do anything all day? Or does it mean that you work from dawn ’til dusk? Nope! I’ve seen this picture around:

Pretty funny, right? Anyways, to clear some of these stereotypes, I present to you my Home-schooler’s Answer Sheet!

  1. Snow days? Haha! What’s that?? I want one! No, we have random days off here and there but not when it’s snowy out. Besides, that’s the perfect day to be inside by the fire with a school book.
  2. How do you have friends?? By moving my mouth and forming words. How do you make friends? Yes, I have many amazingly amazing friends.
  3. I think it’s safe to say that most home-schoolers will someday get married. This was a weird question when someone first asked me it.
  4. We don’t dress like uneducated rednecks and live on farms. Seriously, why is this a thing?
  5. We don’t all have loooong hair and old-fashioned dresses.
  6. Sure, a lot of us may have larger-than-average family sizes, but not all of us do. (I don’t).
  7. Yes, we get out of the house. We go to museums and parks, we go to the beach and other fun places.
  8. Is every home-schooler ‘sheltered’? Maybe more than public schoolers, but is that a bad thing. I personally am grateful that I don’t get exposed to a lot of what are in the public schools… daily! I’m in high-school and I can’t even imagine what a public high-school would be like. But no, not all of us are sheltered.
  9. One thing I have to be careful about is not assuming that another home-schooler is a Christian. That’s typically the case, but there are kids out there who are home-schooled for other reasons.
  10. You get up at 10:00 am!?!?! Why so early? I sleep until at least 12:00. And if I even get out of bed that day, no chance I’m changing out of my pajamas! Ha…ha…yeah sure. Nope. I’ve been home-schooled for 7 years, going on 8, and I have yet to meet a home-schooler that honestly claims to sleep until 12:00. My family gets up at around 7:00 am, sometimes earlier or sometimes a bit later.
  11. Home-schoolers are either really stupid or really smart. We either have to be a prodigy child or an uneducated kid who got pulled back three years and then finally started home-schooling. Wrong! We’re normal kids! For example, I’m average and above average in most of my subjects, but math I struggle in. If math stays away from me, I will stay away from it.
  12. We are in our pajamas all day. Ok, I admit it, a lot of days are like this. But, you guys, this is our home-school badge of honor! This is WHY we home-school!!! (Just kidding)
  13. We hide behind books all day and have no interest in making friends. For some this may be truer than not, but certainly not for all of us. There are plenty of public schoolers that fit this description as well. There are introverts and extroverts out there. I happen to be an extrovert.
  14. Do you ever wish you did ‘regular’ school? A girl asked me this question earlier this month. Ok, there are two parts to this question. First, well sometimes… but only out of curiosity. I wouldn’t want to public school for the rest of high-school. Second, parents have been homeschooling their children far longer than they have been public schooling them.
  15. Our parents must be teachers in order to school us properly. Neither of my parents are teachers, but that’s not necessary for home-schooling. My mom is great at organizing our curriculum each year, and then after we finish in late June, we take the CAT test. This shows us our strengths and weaknesses, and so far, my younger brother and I have been just fine. 😉
  16. We have plenty of holidays and vacations! Birthdays, too-hot-to do-school days, oh look-there’s-a-museum-we-haven’t-seen-yet days… We get plenty of days off, just not the same ones as you do.
  17. We’re know-it-all’s. Look, just because we home-school doesn’t mean we’re going to pound you with academic questions. We don’t like school, just like you. (Just kidding, some of us actually really like school).
  18. Our best friends are our siblings. This goes back to numbers 2 and 6. Yes, we adore our siblings and do many things with them. But we have lots of other friends whom we adore as well.
  19. Our free time is spent is the arts of cooking and sewing (ok, this is kind of a girl thing I guess). Not necessarily! I waste plenty of time on my computer. (just kidding 😉 ). I do a lot of sewing, baking, cooking, etc. But not all of the time.
  20. My worst fear is meeting new people. NO!!! I love meeting new people! Some people~ home-schooler or public schooler~ don’t like meeting new people. But this isn’t specifically a home-schooler thing. And, dare I say it? In my experience, home-schoolers tend to be more comfortable around adults and play well with kids of all ages. Ok ok! Yes, there are tons of public schoolers like that!

There you go! 20 home-school misconceptions and their answers. Let me know in the comment section if you have come across weird rumors of home-schooling! And I’ll see if I can come up with some other home-school posts as well. Also, I would like to mention that I have many public schooled friends who are awesome and they’re the greatest. 😉 Have a blessed rest of the day!


Featured image taken from Stock Snap.


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Answer Sheet

  1. Go Aly!!! I loved how you answered all those questions, and so well. Great way to clear away those misconceptions… 😉 Keep doing what you’re doing!!


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