The Polar Caves and Mt. Washington

Hey everyone! 😀

So much to tell and so much to share! I have many pictures. 🙂 Once we got on the road, we headed up to New Hampshire to the Polar Caves.

Some of the caves were really difficult! It was so fun climbing through the rocks. It was a bit cold down there too. 😉 And we did some rock climbing! And we were rewarded with delicious cinnamon and sugared nuts. I got pecans. Then, we stopped for a quick lunch and kept on driving towards Mount Washington!

Blowing out our clogged-up ears! (This is my younger brother, Ellis, and I).

We finally got to the Mt. Washington Stage Company. We took a guided tour, so we drove up in this van and saw the sights!

Driving up and up and up!

We finally got to the very top! We got some pictures at the summit of the mountain and explored.
The Tip Top House was an old hotel. It looks really small from the outside, but it’s actually quite large from within. They have a ‘lobby’, a kitchen and dining hall, and some bunk-beds.

This was my last picture before my phone died. 😦 But a beautiful picture, no?

The whole experience was incredible! We had some great family time both in the car and on the trails. It was blessing!


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