Things To Look for in a Godly Man

Hey, everyone! 🙂

More than a year ago, I made a list of qualities and character traits that I think are essential in a godly husband. I did this in a time when I was being a bit… umm… boy crazy. Boy crazy can be described in many different ways. Paying too much attention to a boy(s), taking a liking to every boy that comes around, flirting with boys in an ungodly way, etc. So, I made this list of character traits that I know are important to me to have in a godly husband. I also tried to keep this list parallel with the Bible. This helped me keep my mind ‘on track’ you could say. Instead of noticing each young man who crossed my path, I had those important character qualities in my mind that reminded me of what I was waiting for… God’s best. 😉 I will show you my list, and I encourage you to make up your own. Also, I think guys could do this too!

  1. To be a believer in the Lord. To know God intimately and love Him.
  2. To have a like-minded vision of doing great things for God and His people.
  3. To be free from all harmful addictions.
  4. To not be easily given into anger, lust, bitterness, greed, or envy.
  5. To be a good steward of his finances and everything else that the Lord has given him.
  6. To love children.
  7. To lead family worship.
  8. To treasure family time.
  9. To be a man of character, showing initiative, creativity, diligence, enthusiasm, and wisdom.
  10. For his passion in life to be towards eternal wealth, not earthly wealth.
  11. To accept me the way I am, realizing that the Lord is still working on me.
  12. To love God more than me or anything else in this world.
  13. To draw me closer to God.
  14. To have the same/similar standards and convictions to mine.


That’s my ‘essential’ list. (I…um… may have a non-essential list… that just may be called ‘If the Lord wills….’) 😉

Write up your own list and try to commit most of it to memory. Also, you should ask yourself if you strive to be everything that is on your list. If you want a godly man, you must be a godly woman.

Once you write your list, I would encourage you to bring it before the Lord and commit it to Him. He knows what your desires are and He also knows what’s best for you. (And don’t be afraid to bring your ‘non-essential’ list before that Lord as well. Our Father loves to give us good gifts.)

Maybe someday I’ll share my non-essential list. 🙂 But for now, have a blessed day!


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3 thoughts on “Things To Look for in a Godly Man

  1. Very good Aly! It is indeed helpful to know what you are looking for in a husband. I heard a story once about a teenage girl who met a guy and had him over to meet her parents. The dad was not very pleased with this guy whom his daughter found attractive. When they talked that night, he told her to go to her room and put this guy up against her ‘list’ of essential qualities. She came down later and her father asked her, “Well? Does he qualify?” And she shook her head. Often I think we get carried away with our feelings or our physical desires and neglect to think clearly and logically. Having this sort of ‘list’ can really help to keep ourselves on track.


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