GEMS and Cadets

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As it is the start of a new school year, many other things are starting up. Sports, clubs, etc. My family and I participate in a youth group that is held at our church. The boys’ group and the girls’ group is separate, but we bring them together for Bible and games.



Girls Everywhere Meeting The Savior. The mission of GEMS Girl’s Club is to help bring girls into a living dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. The vision of this club is to see girls everywhere actively and enthusiastically expressing love for God and others. (Taken from the GEMS home page).

The classes are Kingdom Kids (ages 4-5), Awareness (grades 1-3), Discovery (grades 4-6), Advanced (grades 7-8), and CIT- Counselor In Training- (high-school). (I’m starting CIT tonight!)

The girls have a badge book, in which they complete activities that take them through the Word in a hands-on way. They get to go on fun outings and explore God’s world.


Our GEMS song is the first verse of hymn 653 in the Trinity Hymnal.


Jesus is all the world to me, my life, my joy, my all;

He is my strength from day to day,

without HimĀ I would fall.

When I am sad, to Him I go, no other one can

cheer me so; when I am sad He makes me glad, He’s my friend!

Our verse is Micah 6:8– “Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with our God.”


This is a boy’s group that teaches future young men important skills that they will carry with them through life. Each boy has a badge book that covers just about anything you can think of from Animals Husbandry to Witnessing. Fire safety, pet care, wild life, chemistry, maple syrup, coin collecting, blacksmithing, music, map reading, hunting, money management, public speaking, church history, God’s names, and, WOW, the list goes on and on!

The groups start with Kingdom Kids (ages 4-5), Junior Cadets (grades 1-3), RPB (grades 4-6), Guide Trails (grades 7-9), and Voyagers (grades 7-9).

The boys get to go on fun outings (as you can imagine from all of the activities they get to do!) and explore different skills.


The Cadets theme song is the first verse and chorus of Living for Jesus (this hymn is not on the trinity hymnal).

Living for Jesus a life that is true, striving to please Him

in all that I do. Yielding allegiance, glad hearted and free,

this is the pathway of Ā blessing for me.

O Jesus, Lord and Savior, I give

myself to thee. For thou in my redemption, didst

give thyself for me. I own no other master, my heart shall be

they throne. My life I give, henceforth to live,

O Christ, for thee alone.

Their verse is John 14:15– “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.


In my church, The Presbyterian Church of Cape Cod, we bring the GEMS and Cadets together. Every other Friday (tonight being the first Friday of the new school year), we meet up at our church. We start off together with hymn singing, led by a GEMS counselor, and a Bible lesson, usually led by the Cadets’ Head Counselor. After that, we split up and go to our own separate classes. The Cadets meet in their own room, while the GEMS spread out age-accordingly. In our classes, we work on badges or anything else that our counselor has planned for us. We have snack in our class as well. After our classes are done, we come out into the church foyer where I lead game time. Game time usually lasts around a half an hour, then we pray. And that wraps up our evening!

It is so much fun to have all those kids running around and playing with each other. It really is a blessing!


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