Saying Goodbye

Hello! 🙂

~~1:00 pm~~

Today my family and I are saying goodbye to my younger brother’s pet lizard, Kamada. She is a ‘Fancy’ Bearded Dragon.

Isn’t she a pretty girl? Anyways, she’s 3 years old this year. She loves being pet on her head and running around our floors. 😉

What a cutie!!! She’s adorable and such a sweet-tempered little critter. She’s going to a new home because my younger brother just doesn’t have the time to hang out with her like she needs. Our dear Kamada is going to live with a bunch of other animals in a residential home for boys. I’m going there now, so when I get back I’ll add pictures of the animals!

                   ~~3:00 pm~~

We dropped her off at an old hospital where the lady, who’s adopting Kamada, works. Part of the hospital was changed into a Rehabilitation Center for teenage boys.

Isn’t it a gorgeous building? The lady, Candy, who adopted her is so sweet and good with animals. There are ducks, lizards, rabbits, turtles, and a Great Dane.

Moose, the adorable Great Dane.

Isn’t this lizard beautiful?

This iguana had the home of a queen! I wouldn’t mind being an iguana if I had that home!!

This is the water dragon. Fierce looking, no? 😉

This is another iguana named Maddison. She was described as the man-eater (yikes!). But I’m sure she’ll quickly become a sweetheart with all the love she will surely receive.

Look at these sweet little bunnies!!! They look like New Zealand kits. And I may have found a new home for my does, we shall see.

Look at the quackers! So cute😊

All of these animals get fine living!

Time to say goodbye. 😦

We quickly received this picture after we left. SO cuuute!!!! I’m so thankful that our dear friend has such a great home.

She will be missed, but my goodness does she have an awesome new home or what??

Have a blessed day!


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