Purity Rings

Hello! 🙂

So, I just want to make one thing clear…. I promise I am not going to tell you that the right thing to do is to wear a purity ring. Honestly, this is a matter of opinion. I just wanted to write about it because this is my blog, and therefore I write about things I do. 😉

I read about purity rings, for the first time, in a book called Growing Up Duggar by Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar. (If you watched 19 Kids and Counting growing up or even now, then you know who I am talking about).

The ring is to symbolize and remind me of five things:

  1. To keep myself pure as I wait for the one God intends for me to marry
  2. My desire to involve my parents in my decision of a life partner
  3. To remind me to pray for the man God would have me to marry
  4. To remind me that God is the true fulfiller of all our desires
  5. To remind me to cherish my relationship with God and live purposefully for Him

I’d love to hear your thoughts on purity rings! 😉





Featured image taken from Stock Snap.


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