‘Kisses From Katie’- Book Review

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When I did the Bookish Book Lover Tag, I mentioned the book Kisses from Katie. Well, I finally got the book and finished it. You guys… what a good book!! So, here is my book review and information about the book.


Written by Katie Davis in 2011, Kisses from Katie tells the story of a nineteen year old girl who left everything to live and Uganda, Africa and adopt 13 beautiful girls. Katie Davis, in her engaging and fun style of writing, starts her story in Brentwood, TN. She went on a mission trip to Uganda over Christmas break in 2006, but then found it nearly impossible to return to her wealthy American life style once she returned.

Everyone she knew tried to discourage her from going back to Uganda in 2008 (this time, for one year) but she would not be swayed. She did, however, promise her parents that after the one year she would return to the United States and take one year of college. She eventually, and very unexpectedly, adopted a little girl. And within that one year she adopted 13 little girls and was fostering one. She became known around the village of Jinja as Mommy.

Katie, wishing to keep the promise that she made to her parents, returned to the states for college. She had made trips back to America before, for fund-raising, but never for this long. It was overwhelming and extremely hard for Katie to leave for so long, for both herself and the children. However, she knew that her girls were in God’s hands and being cared for by a trusted friend.

As the reader is taken through both joyous times and hardships in her life, Katie is continuously praising God for what He has given her. Scripture verses and teachings flood the pages.

Katie Davis is also the founder of Amazima Ministries.  I totally recommend you check it out, especially the blog!

Katie Davis is currently 26 years old and married (now Katie Majors, wife of Benji Majors). They have a son!


The book Kisses from Katie is available on Amazon for $12.08 (new) or $7.98 (slightly used). I definitely recommend this book and I hope you check it out!

Have a blessed day!

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