My Day With The Rabbits

Hey everyone! 🙂

I have a story to tell you… but let me first back up and just explain what was happening today, in case you’re not aware.

Today I brought three of my rabbits to the same Residential Center that we brought our lizard to. (If you would like to see pictures of the actual building and all their animals, click here.) I brought Rosie, and the two identical gray rabbits (which are now named Nemo and Dorey). Here’s the story:

Yesterday afternoon/evening, I was working hard to prepare the rabbits to go. Stuff was all over the ground of my shed and everything was in chaos. That night, I put the two identical rabbits in a cage that isn’t very sturdy at all. It has no latches,so the upper part of the cage just fits in to the bottom piece. (Note: these two rabbits are not very ‘sweet’ bunnies. They may be cute…. but they will fight to escape.)

This morning, about 7:30 or so, I walk out there- beautifully decked out in my pajamas and bed head to match- and see all my random rabbit stuff all over the ground of my shed. Pretty normal. Everything looks fine. I go about feeding my buck, and then I turn to feed the two does. Apparently… everything was not normal. The two does, first of all, were not where I left them. I look down and, once again, notice the cage on the ground.


Well that stinks.

It took me three minutes to realize that the rabbits were not there. I look about me, just expecting the two fluff-balls to bounce over to me and be like “Oh do you have our breakfast? Sorry about the cage, it just fell off the table!”  Not so simple. I just walk around the yard looking here and there, thinking to myself that they either ran away or a bigger animal got to them. I thought it to be a waste of time to be looking for these rabbits.

I’m on the side of the house, just about to turn back, and I see one bunny. One gray rabbit just sitting in the bushes. Well, I think to myself, at least I got one bunny back! Let me just go grab it…   Haha! Yeah sure, just ‘go grab it’. So easy….  I chased that stubborn rabbit around the yard- in my pajamas- for about an hour. FINALLY, I and my mom got it trapped underneath our old tree-house in the woods behind our house. Yes! Got ya, you little runaway! I brought it back to the shed and put her into a sturdier cage. Now, by this time, I had pretty much given up on the other doe. I didn’t see her anywhere. So, I went to my phone to text the woman, who was taking them, about how one was missing.

I’m sitting on a log, right outside my shed, and I look up  from my phone and BAM! The rabbit. The rabbit… is just… there. In the shed. How? Obviously, the shed was the first place I looked! I looked all around my shed! No sign of the rabbits… only droppings from the nasty moles that get in!  Wow, you guys. I don’t know. It was God who answered my continuous prayers.

As I was chasing the first rabbit around, the words that kept escaping my lips were , “Lord, please make her freeze. Let her get stuck. Perform a miracle and make this frightened rabbit come to me. Please!” Over and over and over again. It took another set of hands and a dark spidery wood pile to get her caught, but the Lord did it for me! He got the rabbit for me!

And the rabbit that showed up in the shed… that was just incredible. Not only did it show up in a place that it was surely caught, but it came to me. I put food on the ground and the bunny just hopped right over to me. Miracle of miracles, you guys. 😉

SO, that was a stressful morning! But I was so so so thankful that I got the bunnies back safe and sound. Now, my next task was to stuff two big cages into our mini-van. My mom said that it was impossible. The double cage was nearly molded together, so it couldn’t be taken apart like it was supposed to. And the small wooden hutch I had was just an awkward fit. Did it work, you may ask. It was said to be impossible. Well, I don’t like that word- impossible- very much.

No, my friends, it was not impossible.

Yes, we had to tie down the trunk lid. And, ok, yes, my younger brother had to stay home because there just wasn’t enough space. But it WORKED!! We got them both in and the rabbits and the rabbit supplies. I knew it could be done. Everyone has to have some redneck in their blood and be a bit creative. 😉

So, that’s today’s story. It was a lot of fun going back to see Kamada, the lizard, and settle the bunnies in their extravagant room. If you saw the pictures from last time we went, then you know cool this place is. But here are some pictures from the rabbit room:

So there are five bunnies living in this room. Rosie is in that hutch in the very back. The two bucks, that the lady already had, are temporarily in the double cage (because we were unaware that they were bucks until they met my girls). She’s going to put chicken wire across the room, so that should be fine. My two does aren’t in these pictures because they were exploring the little crevices of the room. But they seemed very happy playing around!

I am sad to let go of my dream… of owning a rabbit farm. To have a homestead. Now, I have my garden. Hopefully, when we move, I’ll make a bigger garden.I also hope to get goats and chickens, so we shall see! I’m excited to discover what the Lord has in store. Owning several rabbits was fun and a great experience. Some were sweet, and most were… not so sweet. I got to learn how to harvest a rabbit, and all that that entails. What a great experience that was! I’ll miss going out in the middle of Winter, shoveling a path to get to them, and making sure that they were all warm enough. I’m serious, I will really miss having that responsibility. I loved going out in the Summertime and working for hours on random projects. Building cages, trying to come up with a better feeding system, etc. I’m so thankful that the Lord provided the means to spend two and half years working with bunnies. I learned so much about these interesting animals. Sadly, I never got to experience raising kits (baby bunnies).

People ask me all the time if I think rabbits are great pets…. I would certainly not recommend rabbits for pets. They require a lot of social time and most rabbits are extremely temperamental. It doesn’t matter what their breed is, they’re just not nice sometimes. Sometimes Rosie was nice and sometimes she was grumpy and rude. It’s totally up to the person’s judgement though, because it depends on your life style and how much time you’re willing to spend on them.

Tonight, we’re having dear friends from the church over for dinner. So, I need to go and get ready for that! (Plus, this post is starting to get really long….) Have a blessed day!


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