Fresh Modesty- Blog Review

Heyo! 😉

You know how I write book reviews? Well, as a start of something new, I’m going to write blog reviews. Let me know in the comment section if you like this idea and/or you recommend blogs for me to check out! I have some blog recommendations on the Home page as well.

Fresh Modesty is a fashion blog for Christian young ladies who want to glorify the Lord with beautiful wardrobes. (Taken from Fresh Modesty’s about page).

I am an excited entrepreneur, having written two eBooks involving sewing before I graduated home-school high school (available here). Now I am in the throes of starting a modest clothing line of my own, Fresh Apparel Denim Company, which grew out of one of those eBooks and this blog, Fresh Modesty. I completely enjoy learning about all aspects of business (except financial gobbledygook) and for-sure will choose a motivational business-help book over fiction any day. (Taken from ‘Hi, I’m Olivia’ page on Fresh Modesty’s site).

Olivia Howard posts modest outfits (both casual and nice) and suggests ideas to add modesty to outfits.  She writes tips and tricks for packing, traveling lightly, etc. One post from her website that I thought was very interesting was how to feminize a T-shirt.

This is one example of some of her nicer outfits.

Olivia also enjoys working with tunics, which are longer shirts.

She organizes all of her outfits by categories. So it’s super easy to explore the site and find some inspiration!

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Olivia and Calvin on their engagement!!! So sweet!

I would definitely recommend checking out her site and exploring it. Also check out her sewing books; they’re SO easy to follow! Have a blessed night, y’all!


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