Bring Your Bible To School Day!

Hello and good morning! 🙂

totally wish I had thought of writing about this yesterday!! *inward sigh* oh well. Today, October 6, 2016, is Bring Your Bible to School Day! It is sponsored by Focus on the Family.

I wish I could participate in one way or another…. since I’m home-schooled I don’t have the opportunity to bring my Bible to school or anywhere else. Oh-I know-I’m participating by sharing it with you guys! (Even though this post is probably pointless since most of y’all are either home-schooled or already in school). You could bring your Bible to work too! (Can you tell I’m over-excited about this?) I hope Focus on the Family does this next year… maybe then I can give you a heads up. I have been hearing about it a ton lately from listening to Adventures in Odyssey. (There’s no mistaking I’m a home-schooler… haha!).

That’s all for today! Except I’ll just quickly tell you what my day holds. I’ll do school, go to a sewing class at 3:00 pm, and then at 6:30 pm my family and I are getting pictures done for our church’s new directory book. Again, regrets about not posting this yesterday… 😉 Have a blessed day!


Featured image taken from Stock Snap.


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