Changes… Again!

Hello again! I hope everyone had a wonderful Lord’s Day!

Y’all…. I’m so sorry to keep doing this to you. When I last wrote about how I wanted to put categories on my posts to keep me organized, I was still really hoping that I could post everyday. Posting everyday was working out when it was Summer and when my school wasn’t too hectic. Well now… Summer is over and school is getting hectic. I’m just too busy to be writing posts everyday… posts that you would actually enjoy reading instead of “Sorry for the short post today! Have a blessed day!”. I feel like I have been writing a lot of those lately.

So now, and hopefully it’ll stay this way, I’ll be posting a couple of times a week. I don’t have a schedule that I’ll be following, so just keep your eyes open for emails that tell you when I post. (You won’t receive emails notifying you of new posts if you are not following me). I will not be writing under categories or anything… just posts here and there on what comes to mind.

I created this blog to have fun and I wanted it to be relaxed, but it hasn’t been ‘relaxed’ for me… so I’m hoping that now that I’m not tied down to doing it every day or of a certain subject, that I’ll have more fun with it. This is my adventure, and I’m more than blessed to have others share it with me!

Saturdays will still be the same until my story is finished. My hope is to post about two times a week, not including Saturdays. That is a goal, so please don’t have any expectations!

So, I’ll either write before then or else I’ll talk to you on Saturday. Have a blessed day!


Featured image taken from Stock Snap.


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