Courtship Boundaries

Hello! 🙂

We haven’t talked about courtship in a while, have we? Today, I would love to share with you some courtship rules that I came up with from both experience and just what I think is wise. Please keep in mind that I don’t mean for these to be for everybody. These boundaries are simply my own, but feel free to use them, of course. 🙂


~Do not overly email, text, or call a young man unless you are officially courting.

  • I guess this is more of a pre-courtship rule… 😉   If you’re not in a relationship, then you don’t want to regularly communicate with a young man, lest you give him the wrong impression.


~When in a courtship, consider not using emailing and texting. Instead, plan different times to call and talk that way.

  • When you are chatting from behind a screen, you often forget that you will have to account for everything you say. It’s very easy to say something that you wouldn’t say in person.
  • Another reason for this is that it is hard to include your parents or any others in conversations over text and email. I think it is wise that parents be involved in any communication between two young people who are in a relationship.


~Don’t pursue a young man, let him pursue you.

  • Ok, I don’t mean to sound like I just stepped out of a Jane Austin book…   But, ladies, just as God has made men the head of the family, men should be the ones to stand up and pursue the young woman whom they’re interested in.


~Do not use ‘mediators’ in your relationship.

  • If you have something to tell whomever you’re courting, then you need to be the one to tell them. Don’t whisper something to your friend and ask them to deliver the message! If you do, many misunderstandings could form. Also, if you can’t communicate with them directly, what makes you think that you’ll be able to communicate in marriage?


~Keep the parents involved in everything.

  • Parents have a lot of wisdom… especially in these matters! When parents are involved in communication, you better believe that your conversations will be friendly, fun, and pure. 😉
  • Both the guy’s parents and the girl’s parents should be involved, but I believe more so for the girl since she’s the one who’s heart will be given over on the wedding day. The young woman’s father has a responsibility to keep his daughter’s heart pure (as best as he can of course, since every person is fully responsible for keeping their own heart pure).


~If you have any doubts DO NOT ignore them!

  • Doubts in your mind are God’s way of saying “Hold on here! There’s something that needs to be addressed!”. They are certainly not to be ignored.
  • Pray about your doubts, go to your parents, and bring it to whomever you’re courting. Communication is huge in any relationship… friends, family, courtship, and marriage.


I hope you enjoyed! Have a blessed evening!


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