How To Pray

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a blessed Lord’s Day!

This past Friday and Saturday, my family and I went to Presbytery. Presbytery is when the Orthodox Presbyterian Churches near to us come together and discuss matters. We are part of the New England-New York Presbytery. On the back of the bulletin, there was an article that had 13 points for prayer. I really appreciate it and I hope you do too. 🙂 It’s called How To Pray. Enjoy!


How To Pray

Modified from A. C. Dixon’s outline (Matthew 6:5-15)

The Lord’s Prayer teaches us:

  • Pray Honestly~ “Not as hypocrites”. Not to be seen by men or impress others.
  • Pray Secretly~ “When you have shut your door”.  Personal private relationship with the Father.
  • Pray Specifically~ “do not use vain repetitions”.  Let your words be natural and your own.
  • Pray Familiarly~ “Our Father”.  You belong to the King and Kingdom of God.
  • Pray Adoringly~ “Hallowed be Thy Name”.  Praise, adoration, exalt, magnify, and worship.
  • Pray Expectantly~ “Thy Kingdom come”.  A pilgrim in progress; on the way to glory.
  • Pray Submissively~ “Thy will be done”.  All things are to His glory and for your good.
  • Pray Boldly~ “On earth as it is in Heaven”.  He is Lord of both now and then.
  • Pray Dependently~ “Give us this day…”.  Every good gift is from above.
  • Pray Repentantly~ “Forgive as we forgive…”.  Let love cover a multitude of sins.
  • Pray Preemptively~ “Lead us not into temptation”.  Walk worthy of the calling in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray Confidently~ “Deliver us from evil”.  You can do all things through Christ Jesus.
  • Pray  Triumphantly~ “For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever. Amen!”

I hope you are blessed by it and that it helps you pray.

Before I go, I have a quick announcement. My dear friend Sandy La Belle just started a blog. Yay!!! I hope you check it out! It’s called Happy Lifestyle 2002. Her blog’s full address is

Have a blessed Monday, y’all!


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