Washing The Dishes

Hey, all! 😀

I know it’s Thursday, but I’m going to talk about something that happens on Sunday. Let me run through a typical Sunday for y’all first, though…

  1. Wake up, get ready to go, and drive an hour to church
  2. Sunday School (I teach Sunday School, but most of the kids/adults are in a class)
  3. Morning service
  4. Coffee Hour (although it feels more like ‘Coffee Two or Three-Hour’)
  5. My family joins the Pastor’s family and one other family at the Pastor’s home (sometimes we invite visitors as well)
  6. After lunch, we have Family Worship
  7. Evening teaching and visiting
  8. We usually go to the Pastor’s house after the evening teaching to visit and hang out
  9. Drive home and go straight to bed because it is usually really late!

It’s a full day! But it is thoroughly enjoyed. 😉 Now, on to the point of this post…

During ‘number 5′, where we are having lunch at the Pastor’s house, there are many dishes to be done. Sometimes it’s boys’ dishes and sometimes it’s girls’ dishes. Last Sunday was girls’ dishes. I don’t mind dishes, but I can’t say that I get an over-excited feeling of “Yay!!!! It’s time for dishes!!!! FINALLY!!!!” However, once I’m doing them I’m happy to be in that position.

I love the conversation that comes with dish washing. The hum of chatter with laughter here and there. It’s fun to see who picks up what job. When I’m at the sink with warm water pouring over my hands and soap suds on my arms, when I’m catching up with friends, I feel at home. I know… weird. ;P It just feels so natural and homey to have all of us girls laughing and chatting in the kitchen! Everyone has a place, and everyone can join in the laughter of the conversation. So much fellowship happens in the kitchen between the women and girls. Whether we are cooking or washing, there’s always chatter.

Sorry if this is a weird, un-relatable post! I was just noticing it this past Sunday and had one of those overwhelming waves of happiness rush over me as I was washing dishes with one of my friends. Hopefully the next time you wash dishes with a group you keep this in mind and can find some joy in this otherwise tiresome job. ;D


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