‘Mrs. Johnson’s Sunday Teatime’- Chapter 7

     I am living with Aunt Florence and Uncle Clyde on account of Aunt Florence being dreadfully ill. My time here has been so very tiring, but wonderful all the same. We share stories of Mother and Father often and remember them with smiles and laughter… and some tears.

     Henry practically had to chase from the house the day I left. He insisted that I hurry so as not to miss my train. Heather took it upon herself right away to cook and clean the whole time I was gone, although I am quite sure Mary and Ethel won’t let her get away with that. What dear ones they are! 

     I did, however, recently receive some horrible news. Smallpox is sweeping through my hometown and taking the lives of many- not that we have many in our small town. Henry informed me through a telegraph that he is going to keep our younger siblings inside until smallpox passes. However, I am afraid that I disagree with Henry. I think that they should escape the town and find someplace else to stay, but he insists that he can take care of them. “Besides,” he says, “They can’t catch smallpox if they’re inside all the time.” I worry. What about the animals? They can’t just be abandoned, which it sounds like they will be if Henry has everybody locked inside. I wish I could go home to be with them, but it is far too dangerous for me to go into the town now.

~~Margaret, on June 15, 1908


     This is it, I think in absolute dread. The journal has only twelve entries left and I know how it will end. Mrs. Johnson told me of her siblings’ death.

     Last week I read of her parent’s death. They were visiting Mrs. Johnson’s grandmother is Louisiana when a tornado came through and killed many people and injuring even more. I cried as I read the words that were sorrowfully written. Since that entry, Mrs. Johsnon wrote rarely. 


     Two days ago, I visited Mrs. Johnson at her home. She declared that she has nothing more than a cold and everyone is making a mountain out of a molehill. I smiled and assured her that we only care about her health.

     Anyone could tell that she has much more than the common cold. She is beginning to cough up blood and she can barely get out of her bed. Indeed, her symptoms are very different from Jonathan Howard’s. In fact, there was news that he may come home in three weeks or so, as it was not nearly as bad as they had thought. Of course, those are just rumors that I have come across. I have not heard anything from Mr. Howard, himself. 

     Mama and I went again to Mrs. Johnson’s home yesterday. I dare say, Mama did a much better job of persuading her to see a doctor than I did. However, it was to no prevail and Mrs. Johnson still refused to see a doctor. She told us that she wasn’t very sick and, “Besides,” she said to us, “That doctor will only give me medicines that do no good.” Mama sighed as she realized that she wasn’t going to win.

     She continues to worsen but insists that her green tea is doing her good. What else is one to do but pray?



Hello, everyone! 😀

Sorry for the short chapter this week. It took me three days just to write this. We have been super busy this past week (and before that, but not as much) with preparations for our church’s 6th Annual Conference!! Yay! And today, November 12, is the second day of the conference. I’ll write more about it Monday or Tuesday. For now, I have to get ready to leave the hotel and go to the church where it is being held. It’s not at our church because we don’t have enough room for everyone who is attending. (We’re staying a hotel since we live an hour away and we need to be close to the church. Hopefully be the 7th Annual Conference we’ll be living close by!) God bless!


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