PCCC 6th Annual Conference

Hello! 😀

As I said last time I posted , this past weekend was my church’s 6th annual conference. Our speaker this year was Dr. Joseph Pipa, Jr.


This is the best picture I could find. It was on the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (which he is the president of and a professor in) website.

He spoke on worship. More specifically, how we should worship. There were six sessions:

  1. The Purpose of Worship (Psalm 100)
  2. The Rule of Worship (Exo.20:4-6)
  3. The Grand Promise/The Day of Worship (Isa. 58:13-14)
  4. The Elements [of worship] (a Powerpoint presentation, no Scripture reference)
  5. The Major Medium (2 Tim. 5:1-4)
  6. The Missing Ingredient (Rom. 15:30-33)

Most of it was located at Christ Chapel in Centerville, just a few minutes away from our own church, Presbyterian Church of Cape Cod. On Sunday we had it our church.

We had folks from out-of-state visiting, and we had a great turn out! Some people stayed in Holiday Inn which wasn’t too far from the church, while others stayed with friends or family. And then some were just living real close so they could stay at their home.

I was able to meet almost everyone since I was running the registration table. It was a great blessing to see new faces and old friends!

I’m looking forward to the next conference and perhaps I’ll catch some pictures!

That was my weekend… Have a blessed day!


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