‘In the Rain’- Part 3/By Schylie La Belle

Alli slipped into the seat across from Dick and picked up her fork. She closed her eyes and sighed before forking the pie and carrying a piece to her mouth.


Alli nodded. As usual.

Dick smiled sadly. Im sorry. I wish I could do something.

You already have.Alli met his eyes. Your friendship has given me a joy that lightens my heart whenever I feel downcast about my health. I am very thankful for all youve done for me.

Thank the Lord, Alli, not me. Hes the one whos been orchestrating both our lives.A short pause followed in which they both consumed their pie.

As she scraped her plate clean, Alli glanced toward the window. We should probably be getting homeits beginning to get dark, and I know you have a longer walk than I do.

Youre right.Dick piled her plate on top of his. They stood and meandered their way to the door. Out on the road, they were met with the brisk air of late February.

Dick tipped his hat, the wind fluffing his hair. Good night, Allitill tomorrow.

Good night,Alli said as she gazed at the man beside her. May God grant you with sound sleep and sweet dreams.

With a nod, he turned and walked down the street. Alli sighed and turned in the opposite direction to her small room at the tenement house.

In bed that night, Alli lay wide awake, her weariness having temporarily left her. Her mind was full of one thingDick. His genuine kindness and care of her was evident. He wanted to help her, be there for her. But she couldnt help but hope he wanted more for their relationship. It felt like every day her feelings for him became stronger. Every day it was harder to say goodbye. Every night the loneliness became more real.

She stared out the window at the bright stars hanging in the sky. Oh God, You know how I feel about Dick. You know all that hes done for me and what he means to me. But You also know what is best for me. Please bring us together. But if that is not Your will, help me to accept it.Closing her eyes, Alli slipped into the land of dreams.


I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I tried, for three days, to write a post about the new year. I just couldn’t say it right and… well y’know. I tried!I’ll post

I’ll write about the new year next week perhaps. For now, HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!!!! I pray that the start of 2017 is pleasant for everyone. 🙂


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