Natural Dryer Sheets

Hello, everyone!

Last week I mentioned that I’d talk about what I was sewing on the day I posted. I was sewing cloth squares for my natural dryer sheets! (Yay!) I can’t wait to give you guys the recipe. It’s so easy, affordable, and it makes you feel more homestead-y. 😉 Here you go!


Natural Dryer Sheets

What You Need:

  • Cloth baby wipes (or old scraps of cloth)
  • Essential oil(s) of choice
  • White Vinegar
  • A spray bottle
  • A glass jar with a wide lid or other storage container

Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 25+ drops of essential oils of choice. I like Geranium, Citrus, Lavender, and Mint. Fold the wipes or cloth scraps and place in your jar or storage container. Moisten but don’t saturate the cloth with the vinegar mixture (store extra in a bottle if you don’t need the entire mixture). Use one wipe/cloth per dryer load to freshen laundry. The vinegar smell will evaporate during drying and the essential oil scent will remain.

I used the cloth scraps. I pinned and sewed the edges so that they didn’t fray (I used primarily flannel and cotton) so I put a little extra work into it. You don’t have to sew the cloth. I’m going to look into purchasing the cloth wipes for the future.

I got this recipe from Wellness Mama. Here is a link to the actual post: Wellness Mama- Natural Dryer Sheet Recipe.

God bless you all! Have a great day!




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