God is Always Watching/100th Post!!

Hey, everyone!

A profound thought hit me a couple of weeks ago ( ;P ), but, at the time, I couldn’t really put it into words. So… this is me… trying to put this into words….

Y’know how we act a certain way to impress people? Maybe you act louder, or quieter, funnier, or whatever to get the attention of a boy you like or some girls you want to befriend. And y’know when you could be miles away from the person you’re hoping to impress but you imagine them watching your every move so you act in whatever way you think will draw them to you? I do that… *echem*. I shouldn’t! But on with my point.

What if… we replaced ‘so and so’ with God?

“For a man’s ways are before the eyes of the Lordand he ponders all his paths.” (Proverbs 5:21)

Would you not act so loudly and boldly? Or would you speak up? Would you not perform crazy stunts to show off? Or maybe you would join the group and chat? Whatever the case may be, don’t you think it’s kind of silly to think/hope that ‘so and so’ is watching you when you know God is and He is the most important One of all? Besides, what is the friendship of ‘so and so’ compared to how you act according to God’s Word?

This is me literally rambling off words that come to mind… but I hope you take something from it! 😉 Also, I hope this made even just a little sense. Haha! Sometime this week, though, I have a different kind of post that I’ll be doing! My goal is to get it done tomorrow afternoon, but we have a pretty busy day tomorrow.


Did you know this is my 100th post!?!?!?!?!

Crazyyyy…..!!! I’m so thankful for all of you lovely people! I treasure each one of you. I love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts! ❤ God has blessed me 🙂


I also wanted to mention my young friend, Chantry’s, new blog! God’s Creation is all about… well… God’s creation! Chantry shares amazing facts about animals and the website is full of incredible pictures. I definitely recommend you check it out! 😀

Have a blessed day! 😀



Featured image from Stock Snap.


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