An Encouraging Experience~ Praise God!

Hello, my dear friends! 🙂

Every other Tuesday, I babysit two adorable little boys at a women’s Bible study. And we always stop by Peaceful Meadows (an ice cream shop that makes all of their own products) on the way home. We go get our ice cream and then walk to the other side of the parking lot to their dairy store where they sell sodas, milk, honey, cookies, etc. I always get a cream soda or root beer for later. 😉 Every time I go in, the same lady is there working there and I have so loved having conversations with her!

Today, I handed her a card with some Bible Verses on it when I was checking out. As I chatted with a sweet elderly woman at the counter she read the card. I wasn’t expecting her reaction, but it was great! She said that she was a Christian and she was “right with me”. She loved the card and propped it up on her cash register.

“Where do you go to church?” I asked, hoping to start a conversation.

“The United Methodist Church in Bridgewater!”

We continued to talk about churches and pastors. Then we started talking about inviting friends to Sunday morning sermons, and how, often, they don’t come.

“We can just keep praying for them,” I said as I remembered a few unbelieving friends that had never made it to church when I invited them.

“Good idea,” she responded jovially. “And we can pray for each other! What’s your first name?”

This was exciting! I have met other brothers and sisters in Christ, out and about, but I can’t remember them ever suggesting that we pray for each other.

“Aly. What’s yours?”

“Jane!” (The name is changed for the sake of privacy)

I am so excited, and feel so blessed to have met this sister in Christ! Now we can pray for each other and will be even more excited to see one another on Tuesdays!


I was busy all day, so I didn’t have time to prepare the post I mentioned yesterday. Maybe tomorrow….? (Seriously, though, don’t count on it. I’m pretty unpredictable.) 😉

Tonight, we’re hosting my older sis and her fiance (Yes! Fiance!) for dinner. They’ll be here soon, so I must go. Have a blessed night!

Featured image from Stock Snap.


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