That Day/Guest Post by Jenna McCarthy

Hello, everyone! My dear friend, Jenna McCarthy, is a gifted writer and uses her talents in poetry. I love reading her poems and I think you will too. Starting with today, I will be sharing four of her poems. Enjoy, and please comment below to tell us what you think!

That Day

By Jenna Grace McCarthy


The day has arrived of His coming

The day where my hand drives the nail

But my hands feel stung

And the night is still young

For the time has not come for His wail

I see Him walking but limping

Carrying a cross that He wore

While citizens grit

And they mock and they spit

To the person they thought they’d adore

He finally has the cross on that hill

And He lays down with a wince and a grin

The harder I press

The tighter my chest

But the nail still goes farther in

He is up and hung on the cross

There’s a droop of his head with a moan

I have a sick feeling

Like its my guilt He’s stealing

And I look up and feel all alone

It seems He has been there watching me

Inspecting my every step

He knows things about me

That I could never see

Of the times I have sinned and wept

He’s been there for 6-8 hours

Its getting further into the night

He said “Father forgive them

And all the sin in them”

And he said that with all of his might

He passed away that evening

I thought he would never leave

But now that He’s gone 

Something has gone wrong

For there’s a storm brewing after we grieve

He’s dead, buried, and cleansed

And put in a tomb with a stone

Yet three days yonder

He rose and walked farther

And His faith made me new and grown.


I love this poem… so powerful.

Expect another one tomorrow! 😀

You can email Jenna McCarthy about her work at:

God bless you all ❤

Featured image taken from Pixabay.


2 thoughts on “That Day/Guest Post by Jenna McCarthy

  1. I love this one! I’ve read it before, but every time I read it something else jumps out at me…thank you, Jenna!! Looking forward to the next few 😃❤️


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