A Flower Field/Guest Post by Jenna McCarthy

Here is Jenna McCarthy’s last poem- number 4! I’m so sad that it’s over! I’m sure I can persuade her to share more of her writings in the near future. Enjoy!


A Flower Field

By Jenna McCarthy


Standing in a flower field

With by my side was God

The flowers bend, and twist, and sway

And very few were flawed

I asked God saying “You made these flowers

Full of beauty and of color

But why do some of these shine bright

And some of them look duller?”

God stopped his walk and gazed into the field with bright color hues

He said “Son, the flower you picked out, that flower is one of you.

“Each flower represents a child. 

The small ones are just new

The bright ones are those who glorify me

And the dull ones are those who are blue

“So every day I water them

I give them lots of sun

They either take it or refuse 

But I love them, every one.

“When I look at my field of flowers

It makes me smile all day

I take care of my flowers below

Even those who fall away”

“Well why don’t you clean out the bad flowers

Take away all those ones that are blue”

God looked at the flower in my hand and said,

“That flower my son, was you.

“I took care of you every day

But you ignored every drop of my love

But look at my field of flowers.

It is beautiful from above”


I love the picture that this poem presents. What was your favorite poem? Comment below and share your thoughts! Mine was the first one, That Day.

Thank you so much, Jenna! It was a blessing to read your beautiful work!

Again, you can contact Jenna McCarthy at:


God bless you all!




Featured image taken from Stock Snap.


3 thoughts on “A Flower Field/Guest Post by Jenna McCarthy

  1. Thanks, Allie, for posting my poems. I’m so glad you have this blog and that I and others can appreciate God’s work through many ways that you have written about. I love writing poetry, and to be honest, I never thought I would. But somehow, I can write it easily about so many things, with them all pointing to God. I thank God for my gift all the time, and I hope soon I will publish my poetry book. Once I have, I’ll let you guys know. Thanks again guys, I’m glad you enjoyed!

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