You Know You’re Aly Marcel When…

Some of you have been with me since the beginning of my blog. For the years *echem* 7 months I’ve been blogging, you’ve been here… reading my ramble. (Congratulations- I’d love to know how you’ve made it through!) 😉

I haven’t written a lot about myself… Maybe that’s not true. I’d like to think that because, c’mon, I have this awesome blog post idea and I can’t throw it at you without an explanation!

Y’know just scratch this. Scratch it out. The intro’s not working… moving on. Who needs explanations, anyway?

This is me… according to me…


You know you’re Aly Marcel when you…

  • …HAVE to have your hair up ALL of the time. (I’d like to publically apologize to my well-meaning friends who plead with me to let my hair down. It just doesn’t work- too thick, you see.)
  • …have reading as the last thing on your priority list, but other times it’s on the forefront of your mind. So, when people ask you if you’re a “big reader” your answer is something like, “Yeeaanoo…” (Yeah/no)
  • …Tend to forget instructions and end up doing the opposite of what you’re told…
  • …(basically) only listen to Bluegrass and Christmas songs. What other music does a person need???
  • …LOOOOOVE having a cold bedroom. I don’t think you guys understand. My bedroom has the windows open ALL of the time. Last week we had a blizzard, and my windows were open letting in the fresh air. It’s glorious.
  • …You’re a huge procrastinator *echem*
  • …talk talk talk… talk talk talk…. more talking…
  • …Would die without two things (not including God’s love or the Bible, because those answers are obvious): people to communicate with and music.
  • …Think that having a broken bone would be an adventure… (fun fact: I used to wish I had some horrible condition or ailment. But not too bad, of course, since I’d still want to go out and play and being sick all the time would stink. Ah… my childish ways.).
  • …Adore gardening and just being outside.
  • …Will jump in the car to go to the store right down the street just so you can get out of the house… I think that once I can drive no one will see me much…
  • …Love baking!! Any recipe is fun to try out.
  • …DESPISE snow. The cold, white, fluffy stuff.
  • …Never know how to answer when people ask, “So, do you write?” Well… yeah… but, I mean, not stories. I guess.
  • …Consistently claim that you don’t enjoy crafts yet sewing takes up a lot of your life. You also plan on buying a spinning wheel for the Angora rabbits’ fur that you’re so gonna get… someday. (Anyone know of a spinning wheel for less than $600?)
  • …Would rather drive around in a horse and buggy, cook over a wood stove, have acres of farmland, flocks of chickens, and goats, sheep, pigs, cows, rabbits, etc. than live with all of these modern conveniences.
  • …Get really awkward when well-meaning folks ask you what you want to do after high-school. Then they look at you really weird when you skip over the “I just want to get married and have a family” part and go right to the “there’s a college in the Philippines” part. So you just shorten it to “I’d love to become a midwife! Maybe…”
  • …ALSO get really awkward when people ask you what kind of books you enjoy reading and you say, “Ohhh… y’know… books that are normal for girls my age to read. Those books…” When in reality you’re trying not to tell another person that the majority of the books you read are about home keeping, homesteading, raising children, being a God-honoring wife, and the occasional historical fiction book.
  • …Despise seafood. Hate it. It’s nasty. Except for: shrimp, clam chowder (not just clams, mind you- you need the chowder), and salmon as of two minutes ago because Mama made this awesome salmon.
  • …Love movies! If there’s not much else to do then the first thing that comes to mind is an inspiring, tear-jerker.
  • …Are extreme. In everything. When I decided to wear skirts exclusively, all of my pants went to the Salvation Army. When I decided that I shouldn’t wear regular bathing suits anymore, they all made a trip to some donation place. (Another fun fact: I went through a “should I wear head coverings?” thing. I should write on that….? Comment!!)


Well, this was fun! For me anyway… 😉

God bless you all ❤


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