Pretty Much a Failure/Update on the Bunny

Helloooo, everyone!

I keep on telling myself, “Alexandra!” (that’s my full first name) “You must tell people about your rabbits! You haven’t done an update in forever!!”

And then I respond (to myself), “Yeah…. But LOOK!”


And just LOOK! It looks like my stuff got dumped out on the side of the road. I mean, it kinda did… only my stuff isn’t on the side of the road.

But let me explain all of these tragic pictures.

A few months ago, we had a super, super windy day. Aaaaand my rabbit shed blew over the fence you see in the pictures. Over it. It was upside down in my front yard and two people came up asking if we needed help moving it and one person asked if he could have the tent. So, we took precautions since we expecting another storm. We tipped it over- in the backyard this time- and pinned it down with chairs, rocks, and heavy objects. So far, the roof has no rips in it, but I can tell the material has grown weaker from being stretched.

The rabbit has been moved to the side of the house. He’s doing pretty good there, but I’m kinda feeling like he’s not a happy bunny. For such a big bunny he has a small hutch. And he’s too wild for me to hold, so I gather he’s lonely.

There’s a tarp over his hutch to block out wind, rain, and snow when it comes around.

It’s sad y’all…. when I started this blog I had hoped that it would be encouraging notes and homesteading goodness. But, alas, soon after I started this blog my rabbits called quits.

HOWEVER!!! I think I may have found the problem… yes, indeed. Apparently, I was breeding them too young. Voila! (Stupid, I know… ugh, my impatience!!!)

So, Lord willing, once my family and I moves to the Cape (or wherever God will take us) I will start them back up again. Until then, I’ll throw in a few recipes here and a couple gardening tips there to keep the farm-feel alive. 😉

God bless you all and have a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow! 🙂


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