Merrimack, NH- Meeting For Quebec Trip

Hello, everyone!!

Yesterday (Friday, the 28th), I went up to New Hampshire for a meeting about the Quebec trip I told you about. I stayed overnight at a dear friend’s house and the meeting continued into today. I’m finally home now! 😉 The meeting was a blast. This was the first year we had an overnighter and it was a lot more fun!

I so enjoyed catching up with friends and meeting new, amazing people. All of today we practiced our skit. The theme this year is the Life of Joseph. My roles are Asher, one of the brothers, and the cupbearer. In the story, the cupbearer has his dream interpreted by Joseph in prison, then, later, he tells Pharoh that that same Joseph can interpret his dreams. I’m very excited to be playing that part!

Because the trip isn’t until July (July 1st-8th) I won’t be saying much about it until I start really getting ready. It’s coming quickly though! Meeting the new people and hanging out with old friends has made me even more excited. 😉

God bless you all!


This is most of the group from July 2016. We’re missing a couple of them here and the Canadian side of the team. The team is quite different this year though!



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