Isn’t it awesome to see how the seasons change? God is such an amazing artist. 😉 Here are some pictures from around my yard that show some Spring-y-ness!


Beautiful flowers! You can smell them from around the yard, too. So nice!


We moved the bunny back near the rabbit shed, now that Winter has passed.


And the rabbit shed is back in order! (Some of the pictures that I accidentally deleted included pictures of the shed upside down in the middle of the yard… ahh… New England Winters.)
Soft, green grass…. ahh
Bare feet and Summer-y dresses!!!
More pretty flowers
Moooore pretty flowers!
My Sweet Mint has returned!
And LEAVES!!!!

So, Spring has officially sprung, I suppose. The weather has been warmer, but we still get a cold day here and there. What’s the weather like where you are?

After I post this I’m going to go back and delete some posts or try to make sense of them without pictures. My current plan is to make a list of the posts I delete until I can make them again. You learn something new every day and I learned this lesson the hard way.

As to my garden this year… that is a hard decision. My family is still hoping to move fairly soon, Lord willing, and I may not be able to keep a garden. I don’t know… I’ll surprise you! 😉 I think I may just plant a few herbs. I found a new planting method I want to try. I’ll post about that as well. Science experiments are being added to my blog! 😀

Enjoy Spring, everyone!





Featured image from Stock Snap.




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