La Belles on Wheels- Blog Announcement


I’ve mentioned my Pastor (and some of his family) several times on my blog. I’ve mentioned Terra when I posted about her 16th birthday (that post was deleted due to my blog mistake 😦 ), but you can find a bit more about her here, I’ve mentioned Sandy (click here to get to her blog), and Chantry’s blog. I’ve talked about my Pastor all over the place (click here to get to his blog).

So! The reason I’m saying all of this? Because Pastor is taking a six-month sabbatical… and biking across the country… and his family is going along… and they have a blog about it! Yay!

Pastor and two of his sons (Forrest and Rocky) are biking from Oregon to home- to Massachusetts- while the girls will be driving back. They’ll all be driving out to Washington and then splitting up for the trip back home.

Ok… we’re finally to the point of this post! Here is the address for any of those interested in following the La Belles’ blog on Pastor’s six-month sabbatical:

Labelles on Wheels-

I can’t wait to see what happens on their trip! Let me know if you check it out. 😀





Featured image from Stock Snap.


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