Onward and Outward! To Quebec!

Hey, everyone!

Where have I been, you ask? Home. Packing up my room’s belongings so we can show the house, packing my suitcase and bags to go to Quebec, and drawing Egyptians.

Drawing ain’t my skill.


Can you see all of the erased pencil marks?
This is the pair of legs I’m most proud of… legs are hard to draw!!
Voila! Finished Egyptian! These posters are for the kids to follow so they draw their own Egyptian.

Why Egyptians? Because all week we’ll be learning about the story of Joseph! We’ll have fun skits, songs, lessons, games, crafts, and a lot more.


I’m leaving… *looks at clock*… in 10 minutes to go up to New Hampshire (yikes- so soon!!) and then tomorrow morning I and the crew will be making the drive to Canada.

I will try to post throughout the week, but if not, I’ll talk to ya next week!

Goodbye for now!! I would appreciate any and all prayers towards this ministry. ❤


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