Back to the Daily Grind/Quebec Pictures

Hey, everyone!

Boy, was I silly for thinking I’d have time to post throughout my week in Quebec? I should’ve remembered last year and realized that I would be way too busy and too tired! I wanted to post, but by the time my head hit the pillow at night I was out and the day’s events were just too much to add in writing a post.

So, here I am with pictures from the week and some fun stories!


This is the first group picture. I’m the one kneeling down. Here, we’re still in the US (in Vermont).
This is in Quebec, at the church that the camp was hosted in. Isn’t the artwork absolutely incredible? As you know, the theme this year was the Life of Joseph.
The front of the church.
A different church not too far from ours’.  The buildings in Quebec are all amazing!
Grace and I. Grace was a teacher this year for one of the groups- she did an amazing job and we were so thankful for her sweet spirit but firm hand with the kiddos. 😉
The sanctuary. This is where we started our day with a skit, fun songs, and a message from the pastor of the church. The picture is taken from the balcony.
Ahh the first day… At the beginning of every camp day, the kids would play outside until it was time to sing.
Sophia and Michaela- two of Joseph’s brothers. ;D
Adam- he was so cute!!! But, really, they all were.
This is a picture of one of my craft groups.
Michaela and Emma.
Emma and Mathilde
Eloik- oh he was a troublemaker, but what a cutie!
A hiking trail we followed.
Eating lunch at a park!
Where we ate breakfast and just had a lot of fun before and after the kids arrived.
More crafts! 😉
Aaaaand…. more crafts!
Alec and I
Part of one of our skits.

Since I was the Cupbearer (and brother) I had to tell my dream to “Joseph”.
Each group of kids had a part in the grand finale skit for the parents. The sheep masks for the youngest group were made during craft time!
They did a fantastic job!
Emma and I
Pictures with new friends (and old friends) at the end of the week. Bitter sweet goodbye!
Adam and Alec


Emma, Abigail, and I


From top, down: Michaela, Traci, and Emma
One of the staff pictures- many of us still in costume.
Kayla and I on the final night. ;D
Sherlock Bear- famous! He shows up in the skit every year. This year, he stole one of the sheep while Joseph’s brothers weren’t paying attention.
Lianna and I as we toured Quebec City.
The restaurant most of us girls ate at… delicious and very quaint.
Enjoying girl time. 😉
We were blessed with great weather! It only sprinkled a little bit.
Petite Champlain- the street we spent a lot of time shopping on.
A beautiful view of downtown.
A beautiful hotel! Gorgeous, really!
Another picture of Petite Champlain.
All of us “brothers”, although Joseph wasn’t in it and the girl on the right end wasn’t a brother.


The last group picture. This is all of us except dear Mrs. Knotts.


It was an amazing week- as it was last year. But there something about this year… we all agreed that the staff had a very special bond that we shared through our time there. I am so thankful that this opportunity comes every year and that I’m able to be a part of it. What a blessing from God to watch these children grow and learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ. And another blessing is the friendships that either start or strengthen with the other staff members there. God is good!

I’m sorry it took all week to post this… ( 😉 ) I was busy, then my computer decided not to download my pictures, and now here I am. 😀

Have a blessed night and I shall talk to y’all soon!



5 thoughts on “Back to the Daily Grind/Quebec Pictures

  1. That was truly a fun experience, I learned a few things that week as well as the kids. I also feel so blessed to have met you there Aly, I’m already looking forward to next year!


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