What’s Been Happening Lately?

Hey, everyone!

We will soon return to the series “Embracing our God-Given Femininity”, but for now I just wanted to let all y’all know what’s been happening in my life. Prepare yourself. There’s quite a bit. And you may come out of it feeling itchy. (Uck.)


Last Friday was one of the Pilgrim Walks that the Mayflower Society hosts in Plymouth, MA. You may remember that I mentioned it in this post. And this post. And I probably have mentioned it in other posts as well.

The Mayflower Society House
I believe this picture is self-explanatory… ;P
A flood of pilgrims!
More pilgrims…
Plymouth eating and shopping place… I don’t know the name of the street or water-front… or anything. 😉
More of Plymouth prettiness!
And more… of Plymouth prettiness.
I got poison ivy… or poison oak. Or something on my face that causes strong reactions that include itching, burning, bumpiness, and whatever else. Ugh. You can’t see it well in this picture, but, trust me, it’s all over my face and it’s awful!!


Moving onward… My room is currently bare of stuff because we are preparing to put our house on the market. I believe I mentioned that we were looking to move soon in a post a long time ago, but that one got deleted as it was made up of mostly pictures and I’m sure you know why that had to be taken down. If you don’t know why you can find out here. 😉
In fact, our whole house is quite bare. As you can see here, our refrigerator has practically nothing on it. A big indicator that something is happening in our home.
Our things are being stuffed into the basement.
We have GIANT piles of STUFF in our basement.


Aaaand more stuff! 

We are looking at houses in South Plymouth as that will be considerably closer to our church and not too far from my dad’s work. Right now our drive to church is about 1 hour. A house that we found and are interested in right now is only 20 minutes from the church. Believe me when I tell you that it will feel like a five-minute drive!!

So, that is a quick update on what’s going on right now. School is starting back up the day after Labor Day. I don’t know what day that is… September something.

A note to my fellow homeschoolers out there: If you need answers to most of the non-homeschoolers’ questions, click this link to read a post I wrote last year!

God bless!



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