About the Blog-

My goal in this blog is to reach out to people in a way that gives glory to God. This blog is geared more towards girls, but I think guys can benefit from a lot of what is written about here as well.

This is NOT, by any means, a professional business-like blog. Far from it, my friends. In fact, this is my own ramblings; this is me hoping and praying that someone somewhere is enjoying my writing. I love sharing my thoughts, and this is just the place to do it… so here I am.

I have another blog, Messy Bun 2017, as well. If you spend enough time on this blog, you’ll notice that a lot of my older posts are sometimes silly or just for fun. Those posts are now over at Messy Bun. This blog is now meant for lessons, prayer, and anything like that. But my humor in writing hasn’t gone away! ;P

About Me-

I am a Reformed Presbyterian, living in Massachusetts. I am kind of obsessed with Gospel Bluegrass, antiques, and country. Enough said. ;D

I had a rabbitry for a while…  but it failed due to my rabbits not “multiplying like rabbits”. It was fun though! I’m hoping to try again when we move which should be soon, Lord willing!
I’m a reader and an occasional writer. Actually, I guess since I have two blogs I write fairly often. So, an occasional story writer.

Ok, did I mention my *slight* obsession with bluegrass/country? It’s worth mentioning, trust me. Bluegrass is constantly playing (unless it’s Christmas time late August through December, then it’s Christmas music). I’m not meant for New England… ;P

Antiques are everywhere in my room. (Except for right now *cough* since they’re all packed up). My room is normally stuffed full of old stuff and sewing fabric. Oh! And books, of course. Maybe someday (when we move and everything is set out) I’ll post some pictures!

I am Bible believing! So that means Scripture is going to be a big part of my blog! 😀

I wear skirts/dresses rather than pants. Except for my cozy flannel pajama pants, but that doesn’t really count since I won’t be going outside in them. Modesty is the best policy in my mind (so a lot of my posts may be revolving around that subject… just sayin’).

I am the good Shepherd’s handmaiden. That means that I serve Him and no other. He is my Master and my Lord. (Psalm 16:2)

I guess that about wraps it up! For more random fun facts about me check out this post and this post!

God bless! ❤