Homemade Bugspray- Wellness Mama

Hey, everyone! 😀 We have had some super hot days lately. Just the other night my family and I had a fire and ate dinner (and smores!) outside. Guess who joined us. Mosquitos! (Ahh... those little guys just keep comin' back, don't they?) Mosquitos have a tendency to invite themselves to outside gatherings and over-stay their nonwelcome. We must … Continue reading Homemade Bugspray- Wellness Mama

Giveaway and Blog Announcement: B-Well

Hey, everyone! I have a natural recipe coming at you tomorrow... but for now, here's a giveaway announcement! I've followed the Boyer Sisters' blog for quite some time and Charlotte and Jessica just started a new blog devoted to essential oils- B. Well. (Could these sisters become any greater? They sing songs from the '40's, … Continue reading Giveaway and Blog Announcement: B-Well

Modesty Doesn’t Mean You Are Ashamed of Your Body

I still remember vividly the first time (but not the only time) that someone told me that I need to "be comfortable in my own skin". I had gone to a swimming/birthday party and worn my swimming clothes (I call them clothes, because, if you really think about it, they wouldn't qualify as a suit)... … Continue reading Modesty Doesn’t Mean You Are Ashamed of Your Body

4 Differences Between Courtship and Dating

Heyyo! It's been a while! 😀 Soooo.... my last post created an earth-shattering controversy. So earth-shattering, in fact, that I almost took down the blog post to further think through what I was trying to get across. Am I being dramatic? Yes. Am I being serious, though? Yes. A lot of you had questions asking me to … Continue reading 4 Differences Between Courtship and Dating

Merrimack, NH- Meeting For Quebec Trip

Hello, everyone!! Yesterday (Friday, the 28th), I went up to New Hampshire for a meeting about the Quebec trip I told you about. I stayed overnight at a dear friend's house and the meeting continued into today. I'm finally home now! 😉 The meeting was a blast. This was the first year we had an overnighter … Continue reading Merrimack, NH- Meeting For Quebec Trip